Reducing the Chances of Being a Victim Home Invasion in India

Protect Yourself: Reduce Your Risk of Being a Victim of Home Invasions in India!

Take action now to reduce the chances of becoming a victim of home invasions which are on the rise in India with women as frequent targets.

Protect Yourself from Home Invasions in India: Tips to Reduce Risk of Being a Victim.

Protect Yourself from Home Invasions in India: Tips to Reduce Risk of Being a Victim.

Home invasions are on the rise in India. Frequently, victims are women. Do the following to reduce the chances of being a victim. Home invasions are often mistaken for burglaries. The major difference is that home invaders have a violent agenda – rape, assault, murder, and/or kidnapping. Protecting oneself against home invasion does not necessarily require difficult skills – often times basic awareness and common sense is all that matters. 1. As the basic rule, protecting the entries to your home is a must. Windows must be grilled. Doors must be bolted. Many glass companies claim strength – remember, a steel grill may be a cheaper and safer option. Window AC vents that are unused must be grilled. Balcony and terrace doors must be bolted from inside. 2. Before opening the door make sure you first use the peephole, second the door chain and only after that completely open the door. A wide-angle peephole and a strong door chain can dramatically decrease your chances of being invaded. 3. Remember, an intruder trying to enter your home through the front door will appear “normal”. A cable technician, food deliveryman, a public worker (including policeman) or a friendly neighbor may not be actually who they claim to be. Be wary. Your safety is more important than your politeness. If a person turns up at your door in distress, call the police on their behalf. You do not have to let them in first. 4. People seldom turn up to your home unannounced. So if it is an electricity board employee doing “random checking” of your home without request, bear in mind how difficult it is to get them to come home even with repeated calls. Call the organisation before your let their employee inside. 5. If you are alone at home, only let your dear ones know that. Do not announce it to outsiders. If you have to order a late night pizza for yourself – order two instead. And make sure you are talking loudly to your spouse “in the other room” while you pay the delivery man ☺ 6. Do not rely only on the landline in your house. Have a second line or a cellphone. Have emergency numbers stored in your phone. 7. Advertise and proclaim (preferably in local languages) if you have an alarm system and CCTV installation. 8. Attending a simulation based self defence class may help you prevent, deter, diffuse and escape from violent crimes. Remember, martial arts classes and self defence classes are very different. Self defence classes are focused only on safety. 9. Train yourself to use a pepper spray, acquire a good one, and be prepared to use it in the dark. This would mean a flashlight and your pepper spray need to be kept together in a safe, that can be emergency accessible. 10. Dial 100 for police. 101 for fire and 108 for an ambulance. Also find out your local police station, and keep their phone number handy. A unit from the local police station may be closer than other dispatched units. If you observe police patrol units next to your home, inquire how you can seek their help directly in the case of an emergency. Your local police station may also have a crime prevention program catered to your locality. Find out more about it. Be prepared. Be safe. © 2014 Survival Instincts, a ZEiSys Technologies Private Limited CSR Program. All rights reserved.

Home invasions are on the rise in India, leaving many feeling unsafe and vulnerable. Women often find themselves particularly at risk due to their vulnerability as a demographic. To reduce the chances of being a victim of home invasion, it is important to take proactive steps such as installing security systems with alarms that can be triggered if an intruder enters your property keeping doors locked even when you're inside investing in motion sensor lighting outside so potential intruders will be less likely to approach undetected avoiding displaying valuables near windows or other areas visible from outside your house and always staying alert for suspicious activity around your neighbourhood. Additionally, having neighbours who look out for each other's safety helps create safer communities overall get involved with local community watch groups!

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