Modi Government's Bold Move: The Chinese Paper Dragon Breathes Ashes

A Bold Move by Modi: Taming the Chinese Paper Dragon!

The Modi government's bold move to impose heavy duties on Chinese products has put the war mongering paper dragon out of breath for now.

The heading should be: Modi Government's Bold Move Makes a Heavy Duty on Chinese Products

The heading should be: Modi Government's Bold Move Makes a Heavy Duty on Chinese Products

Heavy duty on Chinese products!! Yet another bold move by Modi government. The war-mongering paper-dragon may have to breath ashes for now 😂 - Anoop Madhavan

The Modi government has taken yet another bold move by imposing heavy duty on Chinese products. This decision is likely to have a significant impact on the Indian economy and its citizens, as it will reduce dependence of Indians from imported goods from China while encouraging local manufacturing. The war mongering paper dragon may now have to breath ashes for now! It remains to be seen how this policy change affects India's relationship with China in future but one thing is certain that such decisions are bound to benefit the common man in long run.

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