How Women's Clothing Impacts Safety

Dress for Safety: Understanding How Your Clothing Impacts You.

caption: Unfortunately the age old discussion on how a woman's clothing affects her safety is all too common.

How Women's Dressing Can Affect Safety: A Common Discussion of the Age

How Women's Dressing Can Affect Safety: A Common Discussion of the Age

HOW YOUR CLOTHES CAN AFFECT YOUR SAFETY A common discussion of the age is how women’s dressing can affect her safety. Unfortunately, most of these discussions end in what “provokes” an attacker, and is seldom about her ability to defend and escape from a crime scene. We are of the opinion that India being a free country, a woman’s attire should not provoke anyone – its her right to wear what she chooses. However, this discussion is not about social acceptability nor what provokes a criminal. Its about what ensures her safety, should a crime occur. In a sexual assault crime scene, the most critical three aspects of a women’s safety related to attire are the following: RESILIENCE: During a sexual assault, the more difficult and time consuming it is to disrobe the pelvic area of a woman, the lesser the lethality of the crime will be. Many criminals to over come the difficulty of disrobing a woman, use tools (scissors for example) to remove clothing. The safety aspect in this is apparent; the more thicker the clothing around the pelvic area, the more difficult it is for the assailant to disrobe the victim, and the lesser the lethality of the sexual assault crime. Contrary to popular belief, a pair of jeans made of denim therefore could provide more protection than a thin cotton churidar bottom, simply because of the difference in the thickness of the material covering the pelvic area. Surprisingly, Sari scores very high on resilience scale because it is comparatively more difficult to disrobe than even a pair of jeans. In the chart, resilience data is marked in red. MOBILITY: Escape is indisputably the most effective way to prevent crime. However, many attire may negatively affect this, particularly foot wear with high heels, clothing flowing to the ground, or even clothing that can be stuck or held back. Sari scores particularly low on mobility scores. Even a churidar with a duppatta negatively affects your mobility, while a churidar without a duppatta provides excellent mobility. Clothing that helps you be agile and run, such as pants, jeans or mid-level lose skirts score higher on the mobility scale. In the chart, mobility is marked in green. FLEXIBILITY: In the unfortunate circumstance where an escape is impossible, the victim is left option-less but to fight. Flexibility is a key success factor when it comes to a fight. To effectively deliver a groin kick, the knee of the victim must be flexible enough to reach the groin of a tall assailant. Tight jeans may not offer the flexibility that a churidar offers. Surprisingly we have observed that sari, does in fact offer good flexibility when it comes to leg movements as opposed to a gown. In the chart, flexibility is marked in blue. These guidelines should give you an idea, how various dressing styles can affect your resilience, mobility and flexibility and thereby your safety. Be Safe!

Clothing can be an important factor in one's safety. Every season, fashion trends come and go but there are certain items that should always remain staples for any wardrobe these pieces of clothing provide protection from the elements as well as physical harm. For example, sturdy shoes with good grip will help prevent slips or falls on wet surfaces while a thick coat helps keep out cold winds during winter months. Wearing bright colors also makes it easier to spot someone if they become lost outdoors this is especially useful when travelling alone at night time! Additionally, wearing layers allows people to adapt their outfit depending on how hot or cold the environment may get throughout the day and reduces risk of heat stroke or hypothermia respectively. Ultimately having appropriate attire not only keeps us looking stylish but more importantly safe too!

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