Click It or Ticket: Chennai City Police to Enforce Seat Belt Use Strictly .

Click It or Ticket: Share Awareness for Strict Seat Belt Enforcement from Chennai City Police.

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Share Awareness: Chennai City Police Enforcing Seatbelt Use with 'Click it or Ticket' Promotion

Share Awareness: Chennai City Police Enforcing Seatbelt Use with 'Click it or Ticket' Promotion

From December 2, Chennai City Police to enforce seat belts strictly ! CLICK-IT OR TICKET ! SHARE ✔ & SPREAD AWARENESS. It's not about your safety, it's about your wallet! :)

The Chennai City Police is taking a proactive stance to reduce the number of road accidents in their area. Starting from December 2, they will be strictly enforcing seat belt laws for all drivers and passengers within city limits. This initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of wearing safety belts while driving or riding as a passenger it's not just about protecting yourself but also those around you! By making sure everyone wears their seatbelts when travelling on roads, we can help ensure that fewer lives are put at risk due to preventable car crashes. Let us do our part by spreading this message far and wide so more people become aware of these important regulations Click It Or Ticket: Share Spread Awareness!

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