Fourth Performance of our Awareness Program for Child Abuse Prevention held at Esteemed Educational Institution in Chennai.

Explore how to prevent child abuse and make a difference with Fourth performance of our awareness program at Chennai's esteemed educational institution.

Today marks the fourth successful performance of our awareness program on child abuse prevention at one of Chennai's most esteemed educational institutions.

Fourth Performance of Our Awareness Program on the Prevention of Child Abuse at a Prestigious Educational Institution in Chennai

Fourth Performance of Our Awareness Program on the Prevention of Child Abuse at a Prestigious Educational Institution in Chennai

Fourth performance of our awareness program on the prevention of #childabuse at one of the most esteemed educational institution in Chennai

The fourth performance of our awareness program on the prevention of child abuse at one of Chennai's most esteemed educational institutions was a great success. The students were engaged and attentive throughout, with many asking questions and offering suggestions to help raise greater public understanding about this important issue. Our team felt that we had achieved something special in helping these young people become more aware, so they can better protect themselves from potential abusers or recognize signs if someone close to them is being abused. We are grateful for the opportunity given by this institution as it has allowed us to spread an invaluable message far beyond its walls into wider society making sure everyone knows how vital it is that children remain safe and protected at all times.

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