Girls of Prestigious Educational Institution in Chennai Witness First Performance of Program on Prevention of Child Abuse.

Join us to be part of the first performance of our awareness program on prevention of child abuse at one of Chennai's most prestigious educational institutions for girls!

We are proud to host the first performance of our awareness program on preventing child abuse at one of Chennai's prestigious educational institutions for girls.

First Performance of Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse at Prestigious Educational Institution for Girls in Chennai Successfully Completed.

First Performance of Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse at Prestigious Educational Institution for Girls in Chennai Successfully Completed.

First performance of our awareness program on prevention of #childabuse at one of the prestigious educational institution for girls in Chennai.

The first performance of our awareness program on the prevention of child abuse was conducted at one of Chennai's most prestigious educational institutions for girls. The audience, consisting mainly of students and faculty members, were attentive throughout the entire session as we discussed how to identify signs that a person may be in danger or is being abused. We also talked about what steps can be taken if someone suspects an instance has occurred or is occurring. Afterward there was an interactive Q A period where everyone had their questions answered by experts from our organization who provided invaluable insights into this important issue. It was truly inspiring to see so many people engaged with such enthusiasm which made us all feel hopeful that more children will now have access to proper protection against any form of harm they might face in life due to lack knowledge and understanding regarding these topics

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