5th Performance of Awareness Program to Prevent Child Abuse in India's Oldest School Achieved Successfully

Let's join together to empower children and protect them from abuse in one of India's oldest schools!

We are proud to highlight our fifth successful performance of the awareness program about preventing child abuse in one of India's oldest schools.

Fifth Performance of Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse Held at Oldest School in India

Fifth Performance of Awareness Program on Prevention of Child Abuse Held at Oldest School in India

Fifth performance of our awareness program on the prevention of #childabuse in one of the oldest schools in India.

The fifth performance of our awareness program on the prevention of childabuse was held in one of India's oldest schools. The students were eager to learn about how they can protect themselves from any kind of abuse and exploitation, as well as what steps need to be taken if such an incident occurs. Our team conducted interactive sessions with them which included discussions around safety measures that could be adopted by both children and adults alike. We also provided a comprehensive guidebook for each student containing information regarding different forms of abuse, legal protection available against it, helplines numbers etc., so that they are better informed when faced with such situations in future. It was heartening to see young minds taking this issue seriously while actively participating during the entire session!

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