175 Years of Education Awareness: Eighth Theatre Performance on the Prevention of Child Abuse.

Join us for the eighth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of child abuse a 175 year tradition in support of student success!

175 years of fostering and educating students was celebrated with the school's 8th theatre performance about preventing child abuse.

175 Years of Service: Experience the Eighth Theatre Performance of Our Awareness Program on Child Abuse Prevention at a Renowned School!

175 Years of Service: Experience the Eighth Theatre Performance of Our Awareness Program on Child Abuse Prevention at a Renowned School!

Eighth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of #childabuse in a renowned school serving the student community for 175 years

The Eighth theatre performance of our awareness program on the prevention of childabuse was held at a renowned school that has been serving its student community for 175 years. The play focused upon creating an understanding about how to identify and report signs or symptoms of abuse in children, as well as providing strategies for parents and guardians when dealing with such sensitive issues. It also aimed to raise consciousness among students so they can protect themselves from potential abusers by being aware of their surroundings, developing strong self esteem, setting boundaries etcetera. All attendees were provided information materials related to this topic after the show concluded which will help them recall important points discussed during it later on too!

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