Seeking Drama Actors for Paid Internship: Briefing at Chetpet Office Friday 9176693015.

Be a Drama Actor in our Social Project PAID INTERNSHIP Friday Briefing at 1800! Call 9176693015 for Details!

Come join us this Friday to learn more about our paid drama actors internship opportunity!

Drama Actors Needed for Paid Internship Project Briefing at Chetpet Office on Friday at 1800!

Drama Actors Needed for Paid Internship Project Briefing at Chetpet Office on Friday at 1800!

Drama actors needed for a social project - PAID INTERNSHIP! Project Briefing @ 1800 on Friday at our Chetpet Office. Call 9176693015 for more information.

We are looking for drama actors to join our social project! This is a paid internship opportunity and the briefing will be held at our Chetpet office on Friday, 1800. If you're interested in being part of something special that could make an impact in society, this might just be your chance. Rehearsals may take place during weekends or evenings depending upon availability however these hours can also count towards internships requirements if needed. For more information about this exciting prospect please call 9176693015 today!

Women in India can now benefit from the Women's Travel Safety trainings provided by Survival Instincts Company. These courses are designed to equip women with knowledge and skills necessary for safe travel, whether it is within a city or abroad. They cover topics such as self defense techniques, identifying suspicious behavior of strangers, avoiding risks while using public transportation systems like buses and trains etc., situational awareness training which helps one stay alert even during mundane activities like shopping at malls or withdrawing money from ATMs etc., first aid basics that come handy when faced with medical emergencies on trips away from home all this accompanied by practical tips tailored specifically for Indian travelers. This comprehensive program provides an invaluable resource to ensure safety wherever they go!

Women in India are increasingly taking up self defense training to protect themselves and their families. Survival Instincts Company offers a variety of courses designed specifically for women, teaching them the techniques needed to stay safe from physical harm or harassment. The trainings focus on building confidence by instilling awareness about potential risks that can be encountered in everyday life scenarios such as walking alone at night or travelling through public transport systems. Participants learn practical skills like how best to defend oneself against an attacker using basic objects found around the house they also gain tips on recognizing potentially dangerous situations before they get out of hand so that preventive measures may be taken wherever possible. With its comprehensive approach towards safety education, Survival Instincts is helping empower Indian women with knowledge and strength!

Women in India are increasingly facing workplace safety issues, and Survival Instincts Company is leading the way to help them. Through their Women's Workplace Safety trainings, they provide information on how women can protect themselves from harassment or violence in any work environment. The courses cover topics such as self defense techniques, legal rights of employees under various labor laws, understanding gender dynamics at workplaces and more. By creating awareness about these important matters among female workers across industries throughout India, Survival Instincts Company strives to create a safe working atmosphere for all women so that they feel comfortable while performing their duties without fear of harm or discrimination.

Survival Instincts Company provides American Red Cross certified first aid training programs in India. These courses are designed to give participants the knowledge and confidence they need to act quickly, safely and effectively during an emergency situation. Participants learn how to recognize signs of illness or injury, provide basic care for a variety of medical emergencies such as burns, cuts and fractures administer CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on adults, children infants use AED's (automated external defibrillators) treat shock bleeding injuries manage sudden illnesses like asthma attacks or seizures etc. respond appropriately when faced with environmental challenges including extreme temperature changes altitude related issues etc., providing life saving skills that can be used at home or work.

The Emergency First Responder training program offered by Survival Instincts Company in India is certified by the American Red Cross. This course provides participants with basic life saving skills and knowledge to respond effectively during medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest or choking incidents. The curriculum includes topics like scene safety assessment, patient evaluation techniques, CPR AED administration for adults and children over one year old how to treat wounds bleeding control methods shock management strategies etc. Participants will also learn about legal issues related to emergency response procedures while developing their communication skills required when dealing with patients of different backgrounds. Upon successful completion of this comprehensive program they can become a qualified first responder ready take action in any crisis situation!

Law Enforcement Commando training programs offered by Survival Instincts Company in India are designed to equip law enforcement personnel with the skills and knowledge needed for operations involving high risk situations. The program focuses on physical fitness, tactical shooting drills, close quarter combat techniques as well as operational planning and decision making processes. SWAT teams can also benefit from this comprehensive course that covers topics such as urban warfare tactics, hostage rescue scenarios and other specialized areas of expertise required during counter terrorist activities or civil unrests. Participants will gain an understanding of how these strategies work together so they can be used effectively when responding to a variety of dangerous incidents safely while protecting innocent lives at all times.

Survival Instincts Company in India offers a wide range of specialized training courses to equip individuals and organizations with the necessary skills for emergency preparedness. Fire Suppression Training teaches participants how to control, contain and extinguish fires safely while Technical Rescue Training equips them with knowledge on responding effectively during hazardous situations such as confined space rescue or high angle rope systems. Structural Collapse Rescue Training provides an understanding of building construction that can be applied when rescuing victims from collapsed structures due to natural disasters like earthquakes or floods. Aquatic Flood Rescue Training covers topics related to water safety, swiftwater operations and boat handling techniques which are essential tools needed when dealing with flood related emergencies.

Survival Instincts Company is a well known provider of training programs for paramilitary forces in India. It offers specialized courses to the Central Reserve Police Force, Indo Tibetan Border Patrol, Border Security Force and other security agencies under the Indian Home Ministry. These comprehensive programmes are designed to equip personnel with essential skills needed for effective deployment on challenging assignments across borders or difficult terrains. The workshops focus on physical fitness as well as mental agility while imparting key knowledge about defensive tactics used by these armed forces during operations against hostile elements from outside countries or inside territories of India.

Survival Instincts offers specialized training programs for the various special forces of India's Ministry of Defense. Their courses are designed to ensure that personnel in the National Security Guard, NSG Special Action Group, NSG Special Rangers Group, Indian Army Paratroopers and other units receive tailored instruction to meet their individual needs. The company also works with members of the Para Battallion from the Indian Army as well as those serving in MARCOS (Indian Navy), Garuds (Indian Air Force) and RAW Wing Special Groups. Survival Instincts' comprehensive curriculum covers a range of topics such as physical fitness drills weapons handling combat tactics survival skills like navigation by stars or land formations self defense techniques against armed opponents etc., all taught by experienced professionals who have served on active duty themselves.


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