Don't Miss the Free Self Defense Event at IIT Madras this Women's Day March 8!

Celebrate Women's Day at IIT Madras with a FREE Self Defense Event Don't Miss It!

Don't miss your chance to take part in this FREE Self Defense Event at IIT Madras on THIS SATURDAY March 8th in celebration of Women's Day our heartfelt gratitude goes out to India for its generosity!

Don't Miss Free Self Defense Event at IIT Madras on This Saturday! Women's Day Celebrations with Gratitude to India.

Don't Miss Free Self Defense Event at IIT Madras on This Saturday! Women's Day Celebrations with Gratitude to India.

Do not miss this FREE Self Defense Event at IIT, Madras on THIS SATURDAY, March 8 (Women's Day). Our sincere thanks to the graciousness of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras for hosting this event. All college and school students are welcome to register free of cost by calling 9176693015. Attendance is by registration ONLY.

This Saturday, March 8th is Women's Day and IIT Madras has a special event planned! Don't miss out on this FREE Self Defense Event. It will be an opportunity to learn self defense techniques from experienced professionals in a safe environment. This event aims to empower women with the skills they need for their own safety and security. The organizers are thankful for the generous support of India towards making it possible such initiatives can make our society more secure as well as create awareness about personal safety among all citizens regardless of gender or age group. So come join us at IIT Madras campus this weekend let s celebrate International Women s Day by learning how we can protect ourselves better!

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