Round Table 100 and Survival Instincts Commemorate International Day with Rally: Deccan Chronicle Coverage .

Deccan Chronicle covers Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 and Survival Instincts' rally in celebration of Inter!

Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 and Survival Instincts joined forces to commemorate Inter with a rally!

Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 Survival Instincts Host Rally to Mark Inter.

Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 Survival Instincts Host Rally to Mark Inter.

Deccan Chronicle's coverage on a rally organized by Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 in association with Survival Instincts in commemoration of International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women, participated by various college students from Chennai.

Madras Anchorage Round Table 100 recently organized a rally in association with Survival Instincts to commemorate Inter. Deccan Chronicle reported on the event, highlighting its significance for the local community and those involved. The article noted that it was an opportunity for people from all walks of life to come together and celebrate their shared culture through music, art displays, food stalls and more. It also highlighted how Survival Instincts had provided essential support throughout planning as well as during implementation stages of this initiative which allowed them to create such a successful gathering at short notice while adhering strictly to safety protocols set by authorities due Covid 19 pandemic situation currently prevailing across India.

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