Rotaract Club of WCC Organizes Stree Suraksha Rally with Support from Survival Instincts

Empowering Women with Survival Instincts: Come join Stree Suraksha the rally organized by Rotaract Club of WCC!

The Rotaract Club of WCC and Survival Instincts joined forces to organize 'Stree Suraksha' a rally dedicated to protecting women's safety.

Rotaract Club of WCC Organizes Rally to Promote Stree Suraksha with Support from Survival Instincts .

Rotaract Club of WCC Organizes Rally to Promote Stree Suraksha with Support from Survival Instincts .

Deccan Chronicle features Stree Suraksha, a rally organized by Rotaract Club of WCC and supported by Survival Instincts.

The Rotaract Club of WCC recently organized a rally called Stree Suraksha, with the support of Survival Instincts. This event was covered by Deccan Chronicle and provided an opportunity to spread awareness about safety for women in public spaces. The initiative aimed at creating safe zones around educational institutions as well as other places frequented by young people like parks, malls etc., so that they can go out without fear or apprehension. Through this rally, participants were encouraged to take action against any form of harassment faced on roads or elsewhere when travelling alone. It also served as a platform where survivors could come forward and share their stories while inspiring others through them too!

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