Chinese Apps Weibo WeChat Reportedly Censor Indian Gov't Posts Delete PM Messages: Share Ban Request Now .

SHARE to BanChineseApps: Stand Against Weibo WeChat Censoring Indian Gov Posts and Deleting PM's Messages!

Help us spread the word: call for India to ban Chinese apps Weibo and WeChat that are censoring Indian government posts including Prime Minister's messages!

Chinese Apps Weibo and WeChat Censor Indian Government Posts Delete Prime Minister Messages Share Ban Request

Chinese Apps Weibo and WeChat Censor Indian Government Posts Delete Prime Minister Messages Share Ban Request

Chinese apps Weibo & WeChat censor 😷 Indian 🇮🇳Government's posts and delete Prime Minister's messages. Please SHARE this ban 🚫 request.

Chinese apps Weibo and WeChat have been censoring posts made by the Indian Government, as well as deleting messages from India's Prime Minister. This has caused a great deal of concern amongst many people in both countries, prompting calls for an immediate ban on these applications. The public is being urged to share this request widely so that it can be heard at the highest levels of government and action taken accordingly. It remains to be seen whether such drastic measures will ultimately prove successful or not however, if nothing else it serves to highlight how serious this issue really is one which should never have arisen in the first place due to its potential implications on international relations between two nations with strong historical ties.

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