Demand International Action: Punish CCP Leaders and Designate Transnational Criminal Organization

Justice for CCP: Hold Its Leaders Accountable in International Courts.

International courts must hold CCP leaders accountable for their crimes and designate the party as a Transnational Criminal Organization.

International Courts Must Punish CCP Leaders Designate Them a Transnational Criminal Organization

International Courts Must Punish CCP Leaders Designate Them a Transnational Criminal Organization

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders must be punished in international courts. CCP must be designated as a Transnational Criminal Organization. Please spread the message. Chinese government is doing unspeakable atrocities around the world - to Falun Gong practitioners, in Hong Kong, in Tibet, in East Turkestan, and to its own citizens. Xi Jinping must be singled out and tried as a war criminal for cultural and religious genocide.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long been accused of committing serious human rights abuses and other crimes against humanity. It is time for the international community to take a stand and hold CCP leaders accountable in an appropriate forum, such as an International Criminal Court or another court with jurisdiction over transnational criminal organizations. This would be beneficial not only to those who have suffered under its rule but also serve as a deterrent so that no one else will suffer similar fates in future. Moreover, it could help restore justice by providing victims with some form of reparation or compensation for their suffering at the hands of these powerful individuals responsible for countless atrocities committed within China's borders. The designation of CCP as a Transnational Criminal Organization should therefore be considered seriously by all countries concerned about upholding fundamental principles like respect for life and freedom from oppression worldwide

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