China's Systematic Slice Into Indian Territory: Even Google Maps Open Street Maps and Bing Show It.

China Cuts Deeper Into India: Even Google Maps Open Street Maps and Bing maps Show the Real Picture.

Even neutral companies like Google Maps Open Street Maps and Bing maps are showing that China is systematically slicing more into Indian territory.

China Systematically Slice More Into Indian Territory: Even Google Maps Open Street Maps and Bing Maps Show It.

China Systematically Slice More Into Indian Territory: Even Google Maps Open Street Maps and Bing Maps Show It.

China systematically slices more into Indian territory. Even neutral companies like Google Maps, Open Street Maps, and Bing maps are showing - in international versions - Indian territory as disputed . If in doubt, access Google maps through a VPN outside India, and you will see all these area boundaries in dotted lines! It's time the people of India raise in one voice, not an inch more China!!! #ChinaQuitIndia

China's aggressive land grabbing tactics have been a source of tension between India and China for decades. In recent years, the Chinese military has steadily encroached upon Indian territory in an effort to expand its borders. Satellite images show that Beijing is pushing further into disputed areas such as Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim with little regard for international law or agreements. As well as building new roads and infrastructure deep inside these territories, it appears they are also constructing permanent structures on what was previously considered Indian soil something which New Delhi vehemently opposes but cannot prevent without risking all out war. Even mapping services like Google Maps Open Street Maps and Bing maps now display this ongoing territorial expansion by China within their imagery layers making clear just how far they are willing to go in order to assert control over any area deemed important enough by them

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