Chennai Floods: Dispelling Myths and Revealing Reality

Uncover the truth: ChennaiFloods MYTHS vs REALITY!

Let's debunk the myths about Chennai Floods and discover their reality spread facts not fear! ChennaiFloods

Dispelling Myths about the Chennai Floods: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dispelling Myths about the Chennai Floods: Separating Fact from Fiction

Chennai Floods - MYTHS vs. REALITY. Please share and spread facts.

The Chennai floods of 2015 were a devastating natural disaster that affected millions. Unfortunately, the flood also brought with it many myths and misconceptions about its cause, effects and aftermath. It is important to remember that these are just rumors or hearsay they do not reflect reality at all! The truth is that heavy monsoon rains caused by climate change led to flooding in the city due to inadequate infrastructure such as insufficient drainage systems or dams being unable to cope with large amounts of water during extreme weather events. In addition, poor urban planning exacerbated this problem further leading up until now when we still see an increase in flash floods every year despite improved measures like stormwater drains etc.. Let us work together towards spreading awareness on facts instead of relying on information from unreliable sources which could lead people astray rather than helping them prepare for future disasters better!

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