Chennai Floods Advisory: 2 DO's DON'Ts Share Widely to Avoid Misinformation .

Share Chennai Floods Advisory 2 DOs and DON'Ts Help Stop Misinformation SUPPORT Professional Rescuers!

Share this Chennai Floods Advisory and help spread vital information: 2 DOs DON'Ts please share to as many people as possible and avoid misinformation amateur rescuers are stepping up too. SpreadTheWord

Chennai Floods Advisory: 2 DOs and DON'Ts Please Share to Avoid Misinformation Protect Amateur Rescuers.

Chennai Floods Advisory: 2 DOs and DON'Ts Please Share to Avoid Misinformation Protect Amateur Rescuers.

Chennai Floods Advisory #2 --- DOs and DONTs. Please share to as many as possible and avoid misinformation! Many amateur rescuers are getting endangered, creating additional and unnecessary work for the professional rescue teams from NDRF and the Indian Military. Please also share our post below regarding some dangerous myths in the aftermath of the disaster.

In the wake of Chennai Floods, it is important to share accurate and reliable information. Misinformation can be dangerous in such a situation as people may not get help when they need it most. It is essential that we all take part in spreading awareness by sharing advisory 2 DO's DON'Ts related to floods with our friends and family members on social media platforms or through other means. At the same time, let us also try avoiding forwarding unverified messages which might put lives at risk during this crisis period. Let us come together for helping those affected by these floods without any delay!

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