Delhi Fast Track Court Sends Strong Message: Rapists Deserve to Die

Death Sentence for Rapists: Sending Out a Clear Message.

Delhi Fast Track Court: Rapists Deserve To Die

Delhi Fast Track Court: Rapists Deserve To Die

By sentencing the four accused to death sentence, the Delhi fast track court has sent out the right message to public - Rapists deserve to die!

The Delhi fast track court has sent out a strong message to the public that rapists must be punished severely. By sentencing four of them to death, it is reinforcing its commitment towards ensuring justice for victims and their families. This verdict will also act as a deterrent against such heinous crimes in future and ensure safety of women across India. The capital punishment should serve as an example for any person who thinks about committing this crime or similar offences like murder, kidnapping etc., which can ruin innocent lives forever. It's time society stands together with one voice saying No to violence against women so we all live in peace harmony without fear!

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