Ignoring Calls for Help: City Life and the Struggle of Bystander Syndrome

In Our Busy Lives Do We Ignore Calls For Help in the Struggle of City Life

In our bustling city do we ignore the calls for help in this struggle of life over survival BystanderSyndrome

Do We Ignore Calls for Help in City Life a Struggle Greater Than Life Itself

Do We Ignore Calls for Help in City Life a Struggle Greater Than Life Itself

BY STANDER SYNDROME Do we ignore calls for help? City life is a struggle for life... more so that life itself. In our busy lives, do we ignore our civic duty to help others in need?

We often find ourselves living in a fast paced and competitive environment, especially when it comes to city life. In this kind of setting, the need for survival has become so strong that we tend to ignore calls for help from others who are struggling with their own lives. This phenomenon is known as Bystander Syndrome where people fail or refuse to take action even if they witness an emergency situation unfolding before them. It can be seen everywhere today: on public transportations, streets, parks etc., but also online platforms such as social media sites or forums. The consequences of ignoring these cries for assistance could range from minor inconveniences all the way up to tragic outcomes involving loss of human life which makes us question whether our instinctive desire for self preservation should always come first

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