Be Cautious of Donation Requests in Wake of TN Floods.

Stay Vigilant: Protect Yourself From Fraudulent Donation Requests in Response to TN Floods.

Beware of requests for donations in the aftermath of TN floods share responsibly to avoid being cheated.

Beware of Request for Donations in Aftermath of Tennessee Floods.

Beware of Request for Donations in Aftermath of Tennessee Floods.

BEWARE OF REQUESTS FOR DONATIONS! Please share and avoid getting cheated! In the aftermath of TN floods, as citizens look to help - there are many unscrupulous organizations / individuals soliciting money / monetary donations. If you wish to contribute money, do that to a reputable non-profit agencies like the Prime Ministers Relief Fund, Chief Ministers Relief Funds, Reputable Religious Charities, the UN humanitarian agencies, the Red Cross etc. Keep in mind that even during our years of disaster rescue and relief missions, we have NOT come across even one instance where money is useful during these initial phases of the disaster. It is materials like reliably sourced bottled water, hygienically prepared food, first aid supplies, blankets, tarps, fuel (petrol, kerosene, diesel - transported and distributed safely), your volunteering during relief activities and your heart to help that actually matters, now. Spread this message and avoid anyone profiting from the disaster.

In the wake of devastating floods in Tamil Nadu, it is important to be aware that there have been reports of fraudulent requests for donations. People may take advantage of people's generosity and try to collect money under false pretences. It is therefore essential to verify any donation request before making a contribution look into who you are donating towards and ensure they are genuine organisations helping those affected by the disaster. If possible check with your friends or family about their experience when responding to such appeals as well so others can avoid getting cheated out of their hard earned cash too! Above all else remember: if something seems too good (or bad)to be true then chances are it probably isn't legitimate always err on the side caution when asked for monetary contributions online or otherwise!

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