Addressing UNICEF Government of India and CII's National Summit on Climate Change Disaster Risk Reduction: Anoop Madhavan.

Uniting the forces of UNICEF Government of India and CII to tackle Climate Change and reduce Disaster Risk: Anoop Madhavan at your service!

It is an honor to address this National Summit on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction organized by UNICEF Government of India and Confederation of Indian Industry.

Anoop Madhavan Addresses UNICEF Government of India and CII's National Summit on Climate Change Disaster Risk Reduction.

Anoop Madhavan Addresses UNICEF Government of India and CII's National Summit on Climate Change Disaster Risk Reduction.

Anoop Madhavan addressing the UNICEF, Government of India, Confederation of Indian Industry National Summit on Climate Change & Disaster Risk Reduction. Forging Partnerships for Readiness, Relief and Recovery.

Anoop Madhavan addressed the UNICEF Government of India Confederation of Indian Industry National Summit on Climate Change Disaster Risk Reduction with a passionate plea for urgent action. He pointed out that climate change is already having an immense impact in many parts of the world and will only get worse if we do not act now. He urged governments to invest more resources into researching ways to mitigate these risks, as well as developing policies which can help reduce their effects over time. His speech was met by enthusiastic applause from those present at this important summit, showing just how critical it is that we take immediate steps towards tackling our changing environment before it's too late.

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