Mop Vaishnav College Stella Maris College Women's Christian College Ethiraj Colleg Host 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp.

Empower yourself for the future at our 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp across Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg!

Come join us for the 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp open to students from Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College and Ethiraj Colleg!

Students From Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg Join forces for 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp.

Students From Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg Join forces for 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp.

2013 Autumn Leadership Camp for Mop Vaishnav College , Chennai, Stella Maris College, Chennai, Women's Christian College, Chennai, and Ethiraj College for Women.

The 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp was a remarkable event for the students of Mop Vaishnav College Chennai, Stella Maris College Chennai, Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg. It provided them with an opportunity to learn valuable lessons in leadership as well as develop their skills on how to handle difficult situations. The camp also included activities such as team building exercises which helped foster collaboration between members from different colleges while providing participants with insight into strategies they can use when leading or participating in group tasks. Additionally, the camp featured guest speakers who gave inspiring talks about topics related to effective decision making and problem solving that will help equip attendees with knowledge necessary for success both inside and outside of college settings. Overall it was an enriching experience that has left lasting impressions upon all those involved!

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