Mop Vaishnav College Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian Collge and Ethiraj Colleg Attend 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp.

Experience the power of leadership this autumn at our Leadership Camp for Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg.

Join us for an unforgettable experience at the 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp open to Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg!

Class of 2013 Invited to Autumn Leadership Camp at Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg.

Class of 2013 Invited to Autumn Leadership Camp at Mop Vaishnav College Chennai Stella Maris College Chennai Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg.

2013 Autumn Leadership Camp for Mop Vaishnav College , Chennai, Stella Maris College, Chennai, Women's Christian College, Chennai, and Ethiraj College for Women.

The 2013 Autumn Leadership Camp was a great opportunity for students from Mop Vaishnav College Chennai, Stella Maris College Chennai, Women's Christian College Chennai and Ethiraj Colleg. The camp focused on building leadership skills like problem solving, communication and decision making in the participants. Through activities such as outdoor games with an educational twist to them group discussions about current topics of interest workshops on public speaking personality development etc., it helped instill confidence in each participant so that they could take up any challenge head on! It also gave everyone a chance to interact with peers outside their own college environment which broadened their perspective towards life experiences. All these new learnings will help shape future leaders who are more confident equipped at facing challenges ahead of them.

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