World Heart Day -
SEP 30, 2013

- Free First Aid, CPR and AED Workshop for Working Professionals
Posted by Survival Instincts
on OCT 05, 2013

Most large sized organizations have Emergency Response Teams who are trained. However, their readiness is not assessed objectively under stressed environments. They live in the myth of "emergency readiness" because in India such capabilities have not been available, until now.

In light of World Heart Day, Philips and Survival Instincts organized a free "First Aid, CPR and AED Workshop for Working Professionals" at Sheraton Park Hotel and Towers. This program was modelled after the American Red Cross First Aid, CPR and

AED Training for public. It was taught by an American Red Cross Certified Instructor.

We had a world class event for the World Heart's 2013 with standards from the American Red Cross delivered to more than 85 people from 40 different corporate companies in attendance. This event was a splendid platform to officially announce that starting next year, Survival Instincts would felicitate exceptional companies in Hospitality, Manufacturing, IT/ITeS, and Other Corporate for their excellence in safety.

The objective of the workshop was meant for educating team leaders, safety professionals, HR managers, disaster managers and first aid / emergency medical personnel in basic first aid principles and practices laying more focus on dealing with cardiac emergencies.

In India, it is estimated that the annual incidence of Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is 0.55 per 1000 population, i.e. over 600,000 arrests per year in India.

During SCA, the electrical system of the heart

becomes chaotic causing the victim to collapse and stop breathing. It is shocking to see that survival rate from sudden cardiac arrest is less than 1%, because reaching the hospital on time or getting a well-equipped ambulance within 10 minutes is still a dream come true.

There has been a lot of advancement in the past few years on the principles, procedures and equipment to administer effective first aid. Superior equipment include world class first aid devices such as Pulse Oxymeters, Automatic External Defibrillators, and

EPIPENs which by themselves are seldom used by First Aid professionals in India due to lack of knowledge, and lack of availability of training devices/materials.

It is imperative that by providing assistance at the earliest possible moment through CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) and defibrillation using an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), you gift the victim with the best opportunity of survival and virtually anyone can save a life. Along with the use of the AED, CPR is certainly required. This is an easily acquired skill, which can be effectively imparted to

any person within a few hours by a certified trainer.

The CPR dummies used in the program are not regular passive dummies used by all major first aid providers in India - they are state of the art ACTIVE dummies that simulate a patient through electronic (artificial intelligence) auditory and visual feedback that will enable the participants to learn the art of CPR faster and the instructors to monitor progress of the participants effectively.

Professionals working in IT/ITES/BPO, Logistics,

Health Care, and financial industries, Educational Institutions, and Social Organizations can benefit immensely from this training.


-It was fantastic ,When we came we were not aware about AED'S, CPR , in case of an emergency we had no idea how to deal with the situation .We were under the impression that the AED was

just an expensive box but while the session moved on we understood the key importance of its usage. The trainer Anoop Madhavan made it totally interesting and we felt it was worth the time attending this Survival Instincts workshop said Balaji. LV from Renault Nissan.

- The work shop was very informative to learn how we could save a person's life which is so valuable. I must say, Survival Instincts has one of the most excellent

training programs in AED, CPR, and First Aid. Around 40 different corporates participated and it's a great deal to talk about, because we didn't even spend a rupee but gained so much of knowledge. I would

definitely recommend Survival Instincts to other organizations. We had the opportunity to participate in their disaster management workshop that was conducted back in April 2013 that enlightened us with a lot of practical knowledge on dealing with disaster search and rescue. This workshop fulfilled our expectation with high quality standards and cannot be compared to any other workshop said Mohan Kumar .PK from Renault Nissan.

- The experience was fantastic being an not for profit organization, the type of work they do in terms of creating awareness of how to handle issue's like cardiac arrest, AED'S,CPR ,First Aid workshop's are conducted in an excellent way with exceptionally high standards. It is a great thing by making them aware

of how to handle such circumstances and helping them save lives. We would love to partner with Survival Instincts .All our expectations were met. It was a well -organized event by all

terms - registration process , the venue, food and arrangements were all well in place .We feel it was worthy to have invested in this event. I would conclude saying Survival Instincts "Makes people equipped to savelives" said Ajay from Philips.

- I have attended a CPR training with a leading hospital but learning seems to be binalised , but this workshop by Survival Instincts had really made me feel equipped and capable of saving lives through practical training. Even if the workshops are a two day session free or paid, I would definitely attend it because it is worth the time and money. My take away from here is that survival is not only about dressing wounds but dealing with a situation and

and dealing with it right. The experience was simple but very informative. With Survival Instincts, the training techiniques are clear , concise and are delivered with high quality .I would definitely recommend a First Aid work shop in our campus because the training provided to us is upto the mark and I am sure who ever trains with Survival Instincts will indeed be capable of saving a life said Gayatri from Capgemini.

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