Women's Self Defense Chennai

Posted by Anoop Madhavan of Survival Instincts
on MAY 18, 2013

Self Defense for Women of Chennai - Safety is about training more of mind than body. In this article, safety expert Anoop Madhavan talks about why psychological training is more important than physical training when it comes to self defense. If you agree, like and share this knowledge, with all the women who are in the dilemma of what to do to ensure women's safety.

We live in bad times – Gender-based crimes are just around the corner, always. But does it mean you cannot work, travel, study and shop safely?

Most women whom I ask this question to answer "yes we can, all I have to do is attend a martial art class, and learn to kick some male-a**". While I applaud the will power of the woman, I cant help but wonder if she has actually chosen the easier path to being safe.

Dont get me wrong - whether for yourself or for children in summer - being equipped with self defense moves taught in a martial art class setting is definitely a good first step to safety. However, will merely attending a martial art class , make you safe? You will learn to punch, elbow and kick in these classes -- but when you actually face a criminal (god forbid), will you remember what you learned, or will your mind and body freeze in shock? Surprisingly, most martial arts trained women display the latter reaction, when I put them in a simulated attack scenario.

A good self defense class should be also about preparing you MENTALLY to face a criminal and survive a crime, right? So, can you learn to be safe in a 2-4-8 hour self defense class?

Think about this - in 2 hours, NO martial art instructor in the world can teach you to punch, elbow, and kick effectively. However, these 120 minutes are PLENTY for a good self defense expert to heighten your alertness for criminal behavior and to build your presence of mind for you to knock down a criminal with say a pepper spray.

Its worth thinking who is safer when face-to-face with a common criminal – a woman who has a black belt in karate or another who has the mental capability to draw, aim, and discharge her pepper spray accurately at the danger within 2 seconds.

That exactly is my point - safety objectives can be achieved also by merely training the mind - to have the presence of mind to use a weapon effectively when faced with danger.

In other words, you already have the most powerful self defense weapon within you – YOUR MIND. A good self defense class can also be about merely sharpening this powerful weapon of yours.

So before you pick a martial art or a complex combat system for self defense, give some serious thought to whether it can prepare you mentally to face a criminal. If not, why waste time and money?

Today Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and even Israeli martial arts schools are selling women’s self defense classes. Some of these classes are worth the investment of your time and money - but majority are not. So how do you distinguish the good classes from the bad ones?

Here are 10 GOLDEN RULES to follow when choosing a martial art for Self Defense.

Rule 1 : NEVER choose the teacher, institution and type of a martial art in the wrong order.

First choose the martial art, then the school, and finally the instructor. So if it is Taekwondo you choose, decide firmly on it and explore schools that teach it. Once you lock down on a school select the master within the school who helps you achieve your personal self defense goals best.

Rule 2 : NEVER decide on a martial art without taking AT LEAST four (4) hours of ABSOLUTELY FREE trial classes. If free trial classes are not available, stay away from the school. Also dont fall for any traps that make you dish money upfront.

Rule 3 : NEVER choose a class that puts you into punching, kicking and elbowing practice from hour one. Choose one that initially spends time more on mind conditioning and less on physical endurance.

Rule 4 : NEVER EVER EVER pay more than one class's fee in advance. A good school, thats confident of their classes’ quality, will always be open fee installments per class.

Rule 5 : NEVER EVER EVER pay for registration, grading, accessories, uniforms, and add ons. Any add ons must be included in the course fee. These are common tricks adopted by martial arts schools - the class fee may appear cheap, but all the pile ons, its definite to hole your purse.

Rule 6 : NEVER believe an martial arts instructor who claims he is teaching self defense. Very few martial arts instructors even understand the difference. A good question to ask him is, what in your opinion is the difference between martial arts and self defense - and the mumble jumble that comes out will demonstrate what I mean.

Rule 7 : NEVER believe an instructor who tells you one martial art (his most likely) is more practical for self defense than the other. All martial arts have goods and bads wrt Self Defense.

Rule 8 : NEVER engage an instructor who speaks ill of other martial arts. THIS IS A RED SIGNAL.

An ethical martial arts practitioner will NEVER belittle other martial arts. With a little experience, he would have found what the strengths and weakness of each art form is.

Rule 9 : NEVER believe an instructor who claims his martial art is the most suitable for you as a woman. Women's physical and mental capabilities vary widely - without knowing you personally, how did he know what would and wouldn't work for you?

Rule 10 : NEVER down, without a pinch of salt, tall stories about some martial arts in use by the military, defense forces etc. Even if these stories were true, how would something used by a soldier be made to suit a woman in a short span of time? And besides, I personally think it would be stupid for a soldier carrying an AK-47/M16/AR-15 rifle to spend much time on unarmed combat training.

Corporate Self Defense Workshop have been gaining a lot of attention lately. Corporate houses are taking

various necessary steps to ensure the safety of their women employees, one among them is to get a trainer of Women's Self Defense and train them in Personal Self Defense. Corporate Self Defense Workshop has become one of the regular activity of employee wellness program.

About the Author

Anoop Madhavan, is the founder of Survival Instincts. He is a practitioner of MMA and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is familiar with many other martial arts.

As a safety expert, Mr. Madhavan's expert is mostly sort by 5 star hotels, large multinational corporate houses, and big manufacturing plants. He has provided survival training for the Indian Army and various units of Army and Navy National Cadet

Corps along with first aid & disaster response training for the Indian Red Cross. He is certified by the American Red Cross both as a health & safety training instructor and an emergency medical responder. He also holds a Wilderness First Responder certification from the Center for Wilderness Safety and a Professional Lifeguard Certification from the American Lifeguards Association.

He is a member of the Fairfax Country Community Emergency Response Team, and the Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps. He holds memberships in various international safety organizations such as Canadian Society for Safety Engineering (Canada), Safety Institute of Australia (Australia) and Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (UK).

His expertise in personal and institutional safety stems from over 14 years of experience in the United States contracting for agencies such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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