Winter Leadership Camp 2013

- Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu
Posted by Survival Instincts
on Dec 25, 2013

Winter Leadership Camp conducted by Survival Instincts, brought students from various colleges to bond together and it helped them to work as a team and it was indeed a memorable trip to for those who attended it.

The Day of Departure

We embarked the Nagercoil express for a jolly train ride from Chennai central to Dindugal railway station

train was filled with laughter and whispers of the college students who were getting to know each other, on arrival at Dindugal railway station a bus was boarded and headed towards the luscious green hills of kodaikanal, the adventurous on looker's were awestruck by the hills covered in puffy white clouds and the brightly colored flowers that caught the attention of many.

The students were categorized into four teams namely Blues clues, Invincibles, Centrox, and Whistle podu ,the teams had a never give up attitude

and always kept up a good team spirit, for many the experience was different and they gained immense knowledge about team building activities just over the weekend.

First Day

On arrival at the camp site in Kodaikanal, the camp instructors gave a introductory speech, which made the campers get into the thrill of camping, followed

by the setting up of tents, were a lot of effort was put into building the tents, the green meadows where high lighted by the bright colored tents with the background of gorgeous hills and valleys, the view was indeed breath taking.

After having lunch the campers had time to click so amazing pictures of the beautiful landscape , in the evening the students went on a uphill trek to the bus to visit a beautiful lake with a mind boggling view of natures beauty, the chillness of the night sent

shivers down spines has the temperature droped to minus degrees.

- My straight answer would be the location .It was a beautiful opportunity to mingle with nature, and to see a wonderful sight of the sun set and sun rise and the stars, I love the opportunity to mingle and work with strangers who turned out to be the greatest team mates said Vaishnavi.K.

- Putting up the tents was the best activity that I liked it was a challenging and learning experience for a first time camper like me said Ramya.V from Womens Christian College.

- Unlike most camps, camping with Survival Instincts made us experience "Raw Adventure" where we could actually use our survival skills. It was never for a minute boring, the exercises were completely relevant on how to survive on your own said Namita.R from SRM University.

- The place was amazingly beautiful, It was my very first outing the camp made me very happy and I learnt a lot on how to survive in extreme conditions and I also loved each and every exercise which was given to me said Bakiya.S from MOP Vaishnav College.

- People from different families and educational backgrounds get to mingle and learn to help each other we got to work as a team the barbeque and campfire the most, the experience was totally

refreshing said Anusha.C from RMD engineering college.

Second Day

The day started of at 6:00 a.m. so each team can get ready to face the challenging day, after which breakfast was cooked by each team, followed by an activities such as the weakest link and Fire building were the students showed a lot of enthusiasm and enduring effort. After lunch each team had to conduct

activities of their own such as dance, dramas, and singing etc..The night grew very cold as the midst covered the mountain tops and a fire was light to keep warm and the campers sang songs around the fire and shared their stories.

- Amongst all the activities I loved the fire lighting exercise and the camp fire it was a totally new experience and very challenging said Sandhya .S from Womens Christian college.

- The camp fire, trees, flowers, weather, birds and the beautiful colour of the plants and meadows was the best memories that I will be taking with me said Nivetha.V from Ethiraj College for women.

- We concentrate completely on academics and forget other activities in life. This camp can build up self confidence and also gives us time to think of important survival skills said Sugirda.S from SRM University.

- It was a new experience as this camp was my first, we learnt a lot of team work. Every person is unique and meeting new people and working as a team was great ,it improves your confidence ,leadership qualities and patience and it teaches you how to survive in the worst situation .It helps you improve your organizational skills and also helps bring out the best in us said Angeli from Ethiraj College for Women.

- It improves attitude and team work skills and

improves planning skills and presence of mind said Saishree.G.M from Ethiraj college for women.

Third Day

Again we were up to a early start after breakfast the team got ready for their team building activities like golf balls , evacuation of a injured victim and constructing shelter for survival after these activities was over the teams had to dismantle their tents and get ready to pack up for departure, once these

activities was finished garbage patrole was conducted for the teams, after which we departed from Kodaikanal by bus and headed towards Dindugal. As soon as we reached the station each camper received a delicious plate of Dindugal briyani which coated a cherry on top of the trip.

- The camp was a different and new experience, coming face to face with nature and surviving in severe conditions, I gained a lot of knowledge from this camp said Dhun.V from Womens Christian College.

- I never regret enrolling in this camp .The team work was very beneficial and the place was beautiful .I enjoyed exploring the hills and making new friends said Kavin.D.E from Shiv Nadar University.

- I am very happy I enrolled I this camp conducted by Survival Instincts the experience is totally different I am sure that people will love this camp if they only try it said Dharshika.N from SSN Engreening College.

- It was a onetime experience, everyone should definitely give it a try once has it helps build co-operation and leadership skills said Sajira.K from Womens Christian College.

- The exposure was good, it makes people feel good about them self ,it gives knowledge, experience and fun altogether I would say, if someone attends this camp ,they will get to know their better potentials said Priyadharshini.M from Ethiraj college for women.

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