Stopping Eve -Teasing - 6 steps

Posted by Anoop Madhavan of Survival Instincts
on JUN 07, 2013

Putting a stop to eve-teasing through confidence, awareness, police, self-defense, avoidance, and legal escalation. Strangely the word "eve-teasing" is indigenous to India. Native English speakers do not have this in their vocabulary. It is a softened name for sexual harassment – the stares, dirty comments,

and the unwelcome touches – that every Indian woman encounters the moment she steps out of her home. On May 23, 2013 we published a poll on our Facebook page asking what methods women adopted to avoid being victims of eve-teasing. The results of this poll demonstrate how many women are misinformed about stopping this harassment.

Poll Option 1: Wear conservative clothing, and hope it will stop – Although 28% poll participants chose this option, there is absolutely no evidence, statistics, or empirical data, that suggests that gender based crimes decrease when women wear conservative clothing. If women dressing conservatively will reduce crime against them, Saudi Arabia wouldn’t top the list on the international rape scale – reference data provided by the WomanStats Project

Poll Option 2: Avoid travelling in public without male company – Is this even a practical solution in this day and age?

Poll Option 3: Let a male family member take matter into hands – Fighting crime by committing another crime; will that solve the problem?

Poll Option 4: Use a self-defense weapon like a pepper spray – 48% participants opted for this. This is a very good option, provided it is done with caution, understanding and preparedness. We have discussed this option in detail in the latter part of this article.

Poll Option 5: Take self-defense classes and teach criminals a lesson – With 11% of the participants choosing this option, it was the third most popular option. Sure, this can be a very effective option. But it is important to know how to differentiate a good self defense class from a bad one. We have published several articles in the past providing women tips on choosing a good self defense class.

Poll Option 6: File a complaint with the police – Several sections of the Indian Penal Code (section 298 in particular) makes eve teasing punishable.

Although, this was not a popular choice, Survival Instincts believes that this is a very effective solution to stop the criminal. There are a few tips to follow.

Poll Option 7: Pray for a social change where men respect women – We join you in your prayer :)

Poll Option 8: Change your routine, so you don’t meet the criminal – This when combined with other options, can be a very smart move. We have discussed the usage of this option further in this article.

When it comes to a topic as complex as eve-teasing, there is no scarcity of experts out there, some with very fancy moves, and others with complex multi-step modi operandi. Survival Instincts expertise in safety is usually sought by multi-national corporate houses, 5-star hotels and mega-manufacturing plants as evidenced by the programs we conduct. The solution we suggest is not a very complex one however.

It is a simple six-step process, leveraging psychological, physical, technical and legal options.

Step 1 – Eve teasers almost always focus on soft targets. Docile women who don’t look them in the eye – those who appear afraid of them, and will choose to suffer in silence than utter a word of retaliation. Most of these criminals stop, the moment the woman looks them in the eye, points their finger, speaks up loudly, confidently and openly against the harassment. Body language is important. Even if you are afraid, make sure only you know it and the criminal doesn’t. Eye contact, straight posture, defiant shoulders and aggressive arms all help portray confidence and has huge potential in deterring further harassment.

Step 2 – If your body language doesn’t deter the criminal, be aware of everything around you while you are being harassed. The WHOs (facial features, apparel color, method of transportation, type of phone, if any – names of witnesses ets), WHATs (what was said and done), WHENs (date and time), WHEREs (exact spot and address) of the

harassment should be logged into notes so they are not forgotten. If a complaint has to be filed in future, these details will help. Also if the criminal notices you observing these, it might deter him from further harassing you. Please inform your guardians and your family members about this harassment. There is nothing to embarrassed about – you are the victim; there is no fault of yours.

Step 3 – File a complaint (and obtain a CSR number) either at the local police station, the police station of your residence, the nearest women’s police station, or at the public grievance cell at the Commissioner of Police’s office. If there are further inquiries, being a woman, it is your right to request the police to come to your home and collect the information. You can also press to file an FIR. Further inquiries on the progress of the complaint, must be made over registered post preferably. If no action is taken by the police, these will be material evidence for you to pursue a criminal case in the court directly.

Step 4 – If the harassment still doesn’t stop, and

police is not taking action, you can use a self-defense program that quickly and effectively teaches you how to counter attack using something as simple as a pepper spray. Self defense even with a tool such as pepper spray requires deterrence, disengagement and escape skills – that can be acquired only through a good self defense program. Without training and knowledge, using a pepper spray may not be effective.

Step 5 – If you have filed a police complaint and have used a weapon against the criminal, it is important that you change your routine in 5 areas. Use a different mode of transport (ex: autorickshaw as opposed to a scooter), a different route, a different point of embarkation (pickup), a different point of disembarkation (drop off), and a different timing for at least the next 90 days. It may seem impractical, but it is important.

Step 6 – Take the ultimate legal route and approach the courts for a remedy. We can recommend some stalwart women’s rights advocates in Chennai, who would assist you get justice.

Self Defense Chennai: In any violent situation, deterence is a significant factor in increasing the possibility escape from any extreme violent situation which would require practise. Survival Instincts conducts EVADE (Extreme violence & Aggression-Defense & Escape) program, which is the only program in India with simulated crime attacks that would prepare women to respond to dangerous situations to defend and escape.

About the Author

Anoop Madhavan, is the founder of Survival Instincts. He is a practitioner of MMA and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is familiar with many other martial arts.

As a safety expert, Mr. Madhavan's expert is mostly sort by 5 star hotels, large multinational corporate houses, and big manufacturing plants. He has provided survival training for the Indian Army and various units of Army and Navy National Cadet

Corps along with first aid & disaster response training for the Indian Red Cross. He is certified by the American Red Cross both as a health & safety training instructor and an emergency medical responder. He also holds a Wilderness First Responder certification from the Center for Wilderness Safety and a Professional Lifeguard Certification from the American Lifeguards Association.

He is a member of the Fairfax Country Community Emergency Response Team, and the Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps. He holds memberships in various international safety organizations such as Canadian Society for Safety Engineering (Canada), Safety Institute of Australia (Australia) and Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (UK).

His expertise in personal and institutional safety stems from over 14 years of experience in the United States contracting for agencies such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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