• Self Defense Class

    Many confuse ‘self defense’ with ‘martial arts’. Many women hesitate to take self defense classes thinking it‘s just too difficult and would take too long to learn. Are you one among them?

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    Self Defense Class

    Self defense is about being safe. Martial art is about combat. They are very different. Our Women’s self defense Chennai classes focus primarily on training the mind. We do not focus on physical techniques because they are no good if your mind freezes or forgets them during an actual attack.

    Our self defense programs in chennai focus on attack simulations. For each simulation we teach you a few simple, yet deadly, responses. Then we measure your response times during a scenario. We coach you to improve your response times till it is optimum to ensure your personal safety. No complicated techniques, fancy moves, high kicks, or Bollywood-style action; only moves to achieve women’s safety efficiently and effectively.

  • Women’s Safety Programs

    In personal safety there are no grades or belts. All that matters is your ability to defend against non-lethal and lethal crime from one or more attackers. Want to know how?

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    Women’s Safety Programs

    Our women’s safety program in chennai has 4 classes – basic, intermediate, advanced and expert – to be taken consecutively depending on the dangers you face. For example, a girl who works in a day shift in a mall may need only the basic girl’s self defense class. A woman who works in a distant high crime area in a night shift may need the expert women’s safety class.

    The difference between each class is your ability to stay safe during attacks. In basic self-defense, you learn to defend against non-lethal attacks (no physical injury) from one assailant. In intermediate personal safety class you learn to defend against lethal crime from one assailant. In advanced class, the number of assailants become two, and so on.

  • Which Martial Art is best?

    You want to train in martial arts to achieve personal safety? We applaud your determination. But how to decide which martial art is best for self defense?

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    Which Martial Art is best?

    Karate, Kung fu, Taekwondo, Muay Thai (kick boxing) – so many! Which one to choose? Three steps to a good choice. Choose a martial art, then a school, and finally a master. Simple.

    A specific martial art suitable for a tall person and may be unsuitable for a short student. So you must attend trial classes. A good school will give you at least one FREE class. If they want to charge for a trial class, leave.

    Choosing a master is easier. Question his credentials. If he is defensive, that should ring a bell. Most masters are ethical – they respect other martial arts and will answer your questions truthfully. If you meet a master who talks ill about other martial arts, avoid him. He is a sales man, not a master.

  • Corporate Safety Training

    We conduct free women's safety seminars and self defense classes enabling multi-national corporate organizations to safeguard their most priceless asset - women in workforce.

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    Corporate Safety Training

    It takes sensitivity, determination, and a strong sense of conviction within an enterprise to empower women. Very few, proud, and exceptional organizations take the right steps towards women's safety. If you are an HR, training, or women's empowerment manager at an organization that values the wellbeing of your women associates, inquire about our absolutely free women's safety seminars and / or self defense demonstrations. You would be surprised how much positive difference our program can bring to the morale and productivity of your enterprise.

    What you see on the left is one of the complimentary handouts we distribute during our self defense classes for women. Be prepared. Be safe.

  • Eve Teasing

    Worried about your personal safety from eve teasers? Our girl’s self defense programs teach you counter measures. Get a free self defense demonstration for your organization today!

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    Eve Teasing

    Eve teasing is common. One in every four women has been a victim.

    There are many ways to prevent it – psychological, physical, technical and even legal measures.

    For example, did you know that your body language could send out the wrong impression to an assailant? A woman who slouches and walks with her head down is many times more likely to be a victim of a gender crime than a woman who appears confident, has her shoulders straightened, and looks the attacker directly in the eye.

    You may be afraid. But you do not need to let the assailant know that. Sending the impression that you are not afraid could make the difference of you becoming a victim of eve teasing or escaping from this crime.

  • Acid Attacks

    Acid attack is a horrendous gender based crime. Increasing number of this major women’s personal safety challenge has even the government on the defensive. So what to do?

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    Acid Attacks

    Acid attacks (Vitriolage) are increasing against women in India these days. While we clamor for difficult solutions to the problem such as the outright ban of acids, or increased punishments for the attackers, we often overlook the most obvious, easiest, and necessary solution – EFFECTIVE FIRST AID.

    First aid for most common acid burns such as Hydrochloric, Sulfuric, or Nitric is the same as for other chemical burns – first step is to wash the burn area with cool water for 20 minutes. For advanced first aid procedures or to deal with water insoluble acids like Carbolic acid (Phenol), please attend our women’s safety classes. Arrange a free personal safety demo for your organization today!

  • Sexual Assault

    Sexual Assault is rampant in Indian cities. This is because we live in the world of myths. Shown above is the picture of Ted Bundy, the world’s most notorious serial killer and rapist.

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    Sexual Assault

    In Chennai, a survey revealed that one in three women have been sexually assaulted! Yet we seldom hear about it, because people known to us do it at our very own homes. We live either in denial or we want to protect the rapist for the sake of our family’s honor. Due to this marital abusers, child molesters, and gang rapists seldom get punished.

    Bollywood scripts where rapes happen only in forests by bandits are misleading. The place of rape cannot be generalized – it may very well be your parking garage, lift or car. A rapist cannot be stereotyped – he may be with a family, well dressed, professional, and exceptionally handsome. Learn to identify criminals and crime by attending our women’s self defense demo!

  • Pepper Spray

    You have bought yourself a pepper spray? An excellent first step of women’s self defense. But does it make you safe? The answer is no, unless you have enough practice using it.

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    Pepper Spray

    A pepper spray may make a women more unsafe than safe. The false sense of security that comes with having a pepper spray in the purse can prompt women to undertake more risks, which they would have otherwise avoided.

    When someone attacks you, can you retrieve the pepper spray in 2 seconds? Can you aim it and discharge it accurately towards the assailant away from you? What are the minimum criteria that you should keep in mind when buying a pepper spray? Get educated in how to identify a good pepper spray and be well trained in its usage – that would ensure your personal safety. Simply buying one and keeping it in your purse will not! Get a free women’s self defense demo for your organization, today!

  • Violence is unpredictable

    Want to know how to defend yourself from being molested by a man? Well, take up our self defense classes, because we teach you how to ESCAPE from the fight and NOT WIN the fight.

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    Violence is unpredictable

    Attend a martial art class and you will hear this, "if the criminal holds you like this, you do this. If he do...es this, then you do this... and so on". Is it possible to train counter moves for everything a criminal may do? Absolutely not. This is the reason why most martial art classes fail to achieve the objective of self defense.

    When most martial art classes teach you how to predict violence and learn a number counter moves to defend, that you are sure to forget in the moment of danger, the above focus of our self defense class is what makes it very different and highly effective.

    See the video for more info.


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WILL A PEPPER SPRAY SAVE YOUR LIFE? Pepper sprays lead as a women's safety solution in India, due to its easy availability, cost effectiveness and convenience of carrying. But are there any problems with this 300-1000 rupee device carried by many in their hand bags in its usage to incapacitate or neutralize an assailant / attacker with criminal intentions? Its observed many Indian women merely opt for pepper sprays to keep themselves safe as an easier route to attending physically intensive martial art training programs or free 360 degree self defense programs that account for the physical, technical, psychological and legal aspects of a woman's safety. Is this a good trend? Here are a few easy situations where your pepper spray can fail: (1) The assailant is quicker than the time taken by you to retrieve and discharge the pepper spray. After you are overpowered, taking the pepper spray out could be the handing over a lethal weapon to the assailant. (2) The conditions are windy and the discharge direction cannot be controlled down-wind (in a railway compartment, in a moving bus, at a beach). (3) The attack environment is a closed space, meaning you cannot discharge it without getting some on / breathing it yourself (in an elevator, in an AC taxi / cab) (4) Your pepper spray has a faulty nozzle that may redirect some of the discharge contents on to you, incapacitating you to escape from the crime scene. (5) Your pepper spray is kept in a condition where the high pressure container becomes faulty, damaged, or discharges accidentally (like in open sun, prolonged durations or in your handbag where a sharp object like a key pierces it) (6) The assailant is wearing a closed sunglass, helmet, or a mask (7) The assailant is resistant to the pain of pepper spray. Under research, it was found 20% of people do not become incapacitated through the discharge of contents of a civilian pepper spray, for no particular reason. (8) The assailant is intoxicated or is under the influence of certain controlled substances, that makes him immune or more resilient to pain. Summarily like any tool, if the conditions are ideal and you have enough practice, the pepper spray will work a significant percentage of times to make you safe. If not, it may even increase your exposure to danger. Please read further articles from us about safety tips for Indian women and attend one of our free women's safety / self defense classes. Be safe!

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