Keep your eyes sharp and weapon sharper!!!

Posted by Revathy Kannan
on DEC 11, 2013

Keep your eyes sharp and weapon sharper!!!

Like the most working women in metro Chennai, I commute to office through public transport. And as per the prevailing situation in the country, every woman is required to know some sort of self-defense to tackle the assault on them or to say in a better way, act wisely and put a hold on the wrong doing by the assailant.

And as a person, I know I am not that strong physically as I look and a weapon with me always, would add self-confidence to overcome the attacks. So whenever I go out I do carry a knife, nail cutter and a safety pin in my handbag always.

Here I would like to narrate some incidents that happened to me and how did I overcome them. And will be glad if it boosts the confidence in every woman out there.

Incident 1:

The bus was not crowded even and there was enough space for a person to move freely in the median. And the man who was standing behind me was facing at my side unlike the other men on the row. I was aware, he was kept on nearing me and moved farther when I turned and looked at him. Suddenly he laid on me and went back saying a silly sorry. I was in a full rage and showed my red hot face. But he did not bother about that. It looked like, even if I would have shouted at him it would be an energy loss for me, he would just wipe it off.

I guessed that he would repeat the same again. So that's the time, the safety pin I had in my hand bag came to my mind. Somehow balanced to stand in the bus with no support, I folded my left hand and kept the opened safety pin near my right arm. Yep, it was a sure shot. My trap caught the rat rightly... But I was little disappointed, I did not see any stains of blood in the pin... but I am sure it pierced him nicely. His shouting of a big ouch in local language indeed gave me a great satisfaction. Will he dare to do the same to any other woman?

Incident 2:

It is almost 3-4 yrs. now since it happened. This is the most awkward situation I faced so far. I was very tired that day, as I returned home by 6 - 7 PM after finishing my work on a Sunday. The metro bus did not carry much people. The bus conductor also went have a chit chat with the driver and along with me there was only a middle-aged man and a teenage girl in the bus. And we were almost nearing the destination and there were only two stops for us to get down.

Since I had been sitting for a long while in the same bus, wanted to stand for some time to relax from the numbness. While I was standing, that middle aged man seen in lungie with a dirty look was relentlessly staring at me; I noticed it, but just ignored him. He must be some 4 or 5 seats away from me.

And all of a sudden that dirty man came near to me, loosed his lungie and showed his penis. Oh my gosh... I got frightened and blanched. It made me nauseous. I jerked, took two steps back, looked here and there with the wide-opened eyes.

With no further delay, he then approached that teenage girl and did the same vulgarity. She was very panic and was about to weep. Till day, I'm not sure why did I react that way. May be not knowing how to defend someone on this crap doing. Actually, I rushed towards him and seeing his barefoot I put my shoes and crushed his toes. That asshole jumped from the bus and ran away. We safely arrived at the depot.

Having said about the defensive actions, I always advise women to see the environment and react. When there is no one around, it is always good to carry a weapon in hand; and wise to ignore the

annoying men and quickly run away from the place to be safe.

We cannot guess how strong the assailant would be. Else, need not feel sympathy for using weapon on someone and needless be a dutiful girl all the time. Let's hound on those troublesome weeds.

Women's Self Defense Chennai: Effectiveness and efficiency of your tools will depend on your ability to use them which in turn would be acquired only through consistent training and practice. Survival Instincts Chennai based non profit organization conducts EVADE (Extreme violence & Aggression-Defense & Escape) program, which is the only program in India with simulated crime attacks that would prepare women to respond to dangerous situations and use the weapons available effectively to defend and escape.

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