For self defense, how effective is a pepper spray?

Posted by Anoop Madhavan of Survival Instincts
on MAY 27, 2013

To the believers of pepper spray effectiveness, here is some interesting findings. Survival Instincts surveyed 256 women who carried a pepper spray with them for personal self defense.

Only 10 (4%) of them were able to use it effectively.

Methodology used for the study : We put 256 women in simulated assault scenarios and measured their ability to use the pepper sprays. Those who were able to retrieve, aim and discharge the spray only onto the attacker's face-mask within 3 seconds were marked as effective users. The rest were categorized as ineffective.

123 (48%) of the 256 women, actually discharged the spray in a way they were actually exposed resulting in temporary blindness or disabling breathing problems.

67 (26%) of the 256 women, were unable to retrieve the spray within 3 seconds, resulting in the assailant overpowering, and/or injuring (simulation) them.

56 (22%) of the 256 women, retrieved the spray, but were not able to discharge either because they were unable to open the latch, the spray can was de-pressurized, the nozzle was jammed (due to damage in the purse), or other reasons !

This study was done to basically demonstrate the false security that self defense equipments create within innocent victims. The pepper spray is a PERFECT SELF DEFENSE weapon only if you know how to use it, and have the presence of mind to retrieve, aim and discharge within 3 seconds. If you dont have the ability to do this, pepper spray is nothing but dead weight carried around. Join our free women's safety seminars and learn how to be safe using a pepper spray.

Women's Self Defense Chennai: Effectiveness and efficiency of your tools will depend on your ability to use them which in turn would be acquired only through consistent training and practice. Survival Instincts Chennai based non profit organization conducts EVADE (Extreme violence & Aggression-Defense & Escape) program, which is the only program in India with simulated crime attacks that would prepare women to respond to dangerous situations and use the weapons available effectively to defend and escape.

Be Prepared. Be Safe.

About the Author

Anoop Madhavan, is the founder of Survival Instincts. He is a practitioner of MMA and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is familiar with many other martial arts.

As a safety expert, Mr. Madhavan's expert is mostly sort by 5 star hotels, large multinational corporate houses, and big manufacturing plants. He has provided survival training for the Indian Army and various units of Army and Navy National Cadet

Corps along with first aid & disaster response training for the Indian Red Cross. He is certified by the American Red Cross both as a health & safety training instructor and an emergency medical responder. He also holds a Wilderness First Responder certification from the Center for Wilderness Safety and a Professional Lifeguard Certification from the American Lifeguards Association.

He is a member of the Fairfax Country Community Emergency Response Team, and the Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps. He holds memberships in various international safety organizations such as Canadian Society for Safety Engineering (Canada), Safety Institute of Australia (Australia) and Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (UK).

His expertise in personal and institutional safety stems from over 14 years of experience in the United States contracting for agencies such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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