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Posted by Pavithra Nuthakki
on NOV 26, 2013

Be Safe or Sorry! - It's your choice

We are now living in an era where you sit on the couch to watch the news on TV or read the newspapers to see that almost everyday women are facing violence in some way or the other.

You may be shocked to see the increased levels of brutality and gruesomeness day after day however you may not be surprised as you read owing to the frequency of occurrence of such incidents.

Am sure, we all unanimously believe on the part that there are a lot more unreported crimes that are overridden by the consequences of stigma and disgrace attached to it. The ones that come to light hardly do any good for the victim or towards her rehabilitation per se.It is pathetic to witnessthe crimes against women to have increased and become more barbarous with changing times.

You are also prone to think that such things happens to others and not to self , may be until the time you feel sorry as it creates an emotional and psychological jolt in your own life that cannot be

revoked. If it is not you, it can be a friend, a family member or a colleague.

It may be the unexpectedness; unpreparedness of the mind, shock level, vulnerability and the helpless feeling of a victim that provides the room for perpetrators to commit gender based crimes against women and also boosts courage to even get away with it.

So, here is a billion dollar question to all the women out there. How can you feel safe than sorry?As the

saying goes, self-help is the best help; we have to take our safety in our own hands. It is concerning to see that self-defense is sought as a last resort though ideally it should be the first and foremost preventive measureto be taken to defend yourself against crimes of this genre.

It would be absolutely wise to assume a worst case scenario of a grave immediate threat and prepare oneself with basic awareness on essential safety and self-defense measures. At Survival Instincts, we prepare and educate the potential victims about

what danger is out there and how we can try to fight against it. EVADE (Extreme Violence & Aggression - Defense & Escape) is the first and only simulation based smart self defense training program in India.

Through this progam, it is our objective to impart the skills and confidence for each one of you to overcome successfully, god forbid, an extremely violent criminal attempt on your lives.

EVADE exposes women to simulations and teach the basic principles of defending and escaping from

unpredictable, extremely violent and aggressive criminals as in real time. This helps to prepare themselves for any undesired scenario where their shock level, vulnerability and helplessness can be reduced if not completely nullified to help them fight.

This program will be a boon for women who may not have the time, resources or the physical strength to learn martial arts to defend oneself.

Please remember that :
- Violence is totally unpredictable...

- Real violent attacks can make your mind panic and freeze...

- Experience the real time fear and adrenaline...

- Prepare yourself for the worst with our uncomplacent instructors...

Self Defense Chennai: Join EVADE and get your mind and body trained through simulated scenarios!"

EVADE - preparing women to make the headlines such as"Woman journalist punches astute businessman for sexual assault", "Teenager attacks rapist and flees","40 yr old woman aggressively bangs ATM door on the assailant and escapes".

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