Autumn Leadership Camp 2013

- Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu
Posted by Survival Instincts
on NOV 13, 2013

The two-day- trip to the misty mountains of Kodai was a memorable experience with star gazing, night drives, fire building and above all an opportunity to make new friends.

Have you ever been on a trip with people you knew nothing about? Ever knew what a family outside your family feels like? Well, few of them hadn't. At least not until the most memorable trip of their life.

The Autumn Leadership Camp conducted by Survival Instincts. The two-day-trip was part of these college students orientations, designed to enable them to bond better, discover something new about themselves, and merge into a team.

Thrilling day

An overnight trip from Chennai and a few hours of rugged drive brought us to the camp site. As the weather confuses the minds of the campers here in the southwest, the lure of the green outdoors calls louder. Sweeping views, rolling hills and descending valleys abound in the mountains of the Gundupetti countryside which is kodaikanal.

Few of the college students always thought of camping as canteen-toting, sleeping-bag-snuggling, TEVA-wearing territory. For someone as fashion obsessed as few of these girls where,this wasn't always the most appealing way to spend a weekend. Little did they know there is an entire camping sub-category of a much more glamorous nature.

A place to stay

First day

On the first day after our arrival at the campsite everyone was tired because of the long travel so we ushered and took some rest. Our program facilitators greeted us and helped us settle in quickly.

After a brief explanation on the camp, and an inspirational speech, the campers were off into their

groups of three. The speech did them a world of good by giving them the motivation needed to do the 'impossible'. The campers where off to set out their gazebos out in the meadows. The three teams put in a lot of effort in building their tents and their tireless efforts paid them off at the end of the day by having their lunch around 5:30PM.

After some hard effort and a filled tummy everyone where tired so we decided that we would call off the day. During the night we had gone hill climbing and

we took out some real memorable pictures. At night it would rain crazily and the temperature would drop to even single degrees at night. The food was just

amazing and we would wait when they would give us a call saying FOOD is ready. We would have a heavy breakfast and lunch, at nights we would fill out tummies with little (cup noodles) because we have to wake up early at 6:00AM the next day.

- I loved the location, it was awesome, the food was excellent and activities were extremely good and challenging. The coordinators were very friendly and helped us out. "I survived through single degrees!! Thank you Survival Instincts" said Angeline from Stella Maris College.

Second Day

The campers second day was fun where we started our day early followed by breakfast and then they had a Major speak to them about some survival techniques followed by some team building activities like fire building, weakest link, after some time we broke for lunch.

-I loved the location so much and also the food. Activities were very good and challenging. The coordinators were very friendly and helped us out. "I would like to come next time" said Priyadharshini from Stella Maris College.

-What I like the most is that the tougher activities we did made us mentally prepared for tougher part ahead in life."An experience for life in dealing with survival" said Stella Sowndarya from Stella Maris College.

-The best part of the camp was the one where I ran uphill for the weakest link it was amazing. "Amazing Experience for the first time" said Roshne.B from MOP Vaishnav College for Women.

-The best part of the camp was climbing uphill, the weakest link task. I had an awesome experience with my team as well as the other teams, and I learnt a lot from this camp. "Good work - Survival Instincts" said Harini.G from MOP Vaishnav College for Women.

-"The camp pulled me out of my comfort zone and I learnt how to as a team with people I haven't met before" said Anu.A from Women's Christian College.

-I loved fire lighting, we won the first place.Overall an awesome fun. Good experience, good people said Heera.V from Ethiraj College for Women.

-The best part of the camp was climbing up the mountain for getting the cup, lighting fire, petting the goats and the amazing atmosphere.Overall the camp was just amazing.!! I had fun. "Thank you so much for considering and giving me a chance to come here with you guys.Will miss you guys", said Aftab.M from Women's Christian College.

-The best part was climbing up for the cup game in this awesome weather!! I just loved everything."Super Dooper Fun, Most memorable trip of my life. Will miss you guys!!" said Ekta.P from Women's Christian College.

- I loved the weakest link the most and the climate in Kodai is like a girl's heart, its unpredictable, the food was tasty, I enjoyed with all the people in the camp and the Survival Instincts team said Porkodi.A from Ethiraj College for Women.

The weather was unpredictable and the climate was really good despite the change in weather conditions. In the evening we conducted an activity called garbage patrol. At night we had a barbeque and we set up a camp fire which was the best part of the camp. At night they went for a long drive and star gazing which was the most amazing part of few campers who had gone star gazing. We would also have a time of party at night were the teams would get to perform and everyone would enjoy their time.

-I enjoyed the campsite and the beautiful weather of the location. "Survival Instincts Do or Die" said Nandhini.V from Ethiraj College for Women.

-The thing I enjoyed the most is the activities and the weather and the tent. "I love this place and this develops lot of our skill" said Keerthana.S from Women's Christian College.

-I loved the fact that I got the chance to connect with nature. Also the weakest link was something I will cherish forever. "Life is all about managing with the available resources" said Jayashri.R from MOP Vaishnav College for Women.

-I like the most about the camp was campfire, loud music, putting up tents and our ride from Chennai to the campsite. "Our Camping spot was an amazing place; I loved the nights spent here" said Zaeba.F from Women's Christian College.

-I loved that I had an amazing experience, learning new things, made new friends, star gazing, barbeque, the whole experience was just awesome. "One of the best days in my life, amazing experience." said Maria.L from Stella Maris College.

-The most amazing part of the camp is the barbeque.. That ushered my long term wish of eating chicken. And the fun nights of the camp! "Survival Instincts - Crack your Comfort" said Gayathri.V from Ethiraj College for Women.

-This is my first camp at Survival Instincts, I had an awesome time and I enjoyed every part of the camp. We worked as a team which I loved the most and I enjoyed to the fullest. I loved the most was that I got to see a shooting star the first time in my life said Aksha.R from Women's Christian College.

Third day

As usual we started our day early and we broke for breakfast, soon after breakfast we conducted a team building activities like golf balls, carrying the victim and constructing a sturdy shelter for an adult. After our team building activity was over it was time for them to dismantle their tents and hence they hooted from where they were to dismantle their tents in quick speed because this was their last activity to fetch them a bulk of points, in all activities that were

conducted each team was allotted certain number of points.

-I enjoyed putting up the dismantling the tents and also the fire building. "I loved scenery and the location" said Anusuya.R from Women's Christian College.

-The thing I loved the most was the camping itself, which was a whole new experience and the fun sessions we had in the night were unconditionally awesome. "Overall a new and heavenly experience" said Gayathri from SRM University.

-I enjoyed the whole experience. "East or West Survival Instincts is the Best" said Zohara.Z from Stella Maris College.

-Best part of was the Campfire in the night and also carrying the victim, it was highly interesting. "First Experience and New Experience ever" said Vaishali from Stella Maris College.

-Best camp organized by Survival Instincts in Kodai. Best part is the beautiful scenery and the activities conducted, I'm sure I lost about 1000 calories, rather than that there was a lot of team work and staying in a tent with unknown people and sharing contacts is a lot of fun. I liked carrying the victim and ran in 5mins but I know if I could have done that without that have been a challenge said Radhika from MOP Vaishnav College for Women.

-I loved the team work and the sense of achievement that this camp gave me. I did not enjoy the penalties. I learnt 1 lesson, nothing is impossible. And you can always stand up even if you fall said Gheshna.N from Women's Christian College.

We know it's a cliche, but all good things must come to an end. The six hour downhill ride back to Dindigul seemed to take forever. But at the end of the day, we had to get back to reality. And when we look back at those two days, the campers feel the program helped them to improve their personality and to bond well with other college mates with whom their relationship would continue as good friends. They wish they had spent more time at the camp, and they hope to go on more trips with their new found family at Survival Instincts.

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