12 facts about rape drug

Posted by Anoop Madhavan of Survival Instincts
on JUN 29, 2013

Rape drug, aka date rape drug, Rohypnol, Roofie, or Flunitrazepam is reportedly increasingly used in India during crimes. Although no formal statistics exist, numerous news articles expose its prevalence.

Here are 12 facts about the Rape Drug.

1. It is illegal (banned) in India. However, newspaper report suggests they are easily available on the street to purchase at Rs.500 per tablet.

2. It is a small white colored tablet. However, when dissolved in a drink it (the illegal versions) will not leave any color.

3. It is tasteless and cannot be detected when mixed in drinks.

4. When consumed, it creates a sleepy, relaxed, and drunk feeling that will last anywhere from two (2) to eight (8) hours.

5. When consumed, the victim will be incapacitated to resist sexual assault or any other crime.

6. The drug is most commonly used on women for

sexual assault. But it may also be used on men for facilitating robbery (commonly in trains).

7. When the victim wakes up after drug consumption, the victim may not remember anything that happened after the consumption of the drug. This state is called anterograde amnesia.

8. The best way to identify if someone has consumed is to do a urine analysis within 72 hours. If you suspect you have been drugged and sexually assaulted, please approach the nearest women’s police station, report the crime and request them to arrange a medical examination as per the latest version of ‘Manual for Medical Examination of Sexual

Assault’ published by the Centre for Enquiry into Health and Allied Themes (CEHAT). This manual is available online and examination can be done my any medical practitioner (not necessary that it should be a gynecologist).

9. There are other forensic techniques (advanced laboratories) that can identify its presence in urine up to 120 hours and in hair up to 30 days from hair.

10. The only ways to prevent yourself from being a victim is to avoid food and drinks offered by strangers and to never leave your drink or food unattended. Also if you are consuming alcohol, do not do it in absence of a trustable companion or till stages of incapacitation and misjudgment.

11. Contrary to many FB posts, there is no research that proves that this drug gets into your system through touch (although there are other drugs capable of doing that).

12. Contrary to many FB posts, there is NO

research that proves this drug affects the long-term or short-term fertility of women either positively or negatively.

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Stay Safe!

About the Author

Anoop Madhavan, is the founder of Survival Instincts. He is a practitioner of MMA and Wing Chun Kung Fu. He is familiar with many other martial arts.

As a safety expert, Mr. Madhavan's expert is mostly sort by 5 star hotels, large multinational corporate houses, and big manufacturing plants. He has provided survival training for the Indian Army and various units of Army and Navy National Cadet

Corps along with first aid & disaster response training for the Indian Red Cross. He is certified by the American Red Cross both as a health & safety training instructor and an emergency medical responder. He also holds a Wilderness First Responder certification from the Center for Wilderness Safety and a Professional Lifeguard Certification from the American Lifeguards Association.

He is a member of the Fairfax Country Community Emergency Response Team, and the Fairfax Medical Reserve Corps. He holds memberships in various international safety organizations such as Canadian Society for Safety Engineering (Canada), Safety Institute of Australia (Australia) and Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (UK).

His expertise in personal and institutional safety stems from over 14 years of experience in the United States contracting for agencies such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

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